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5 Port 8A USB Smart Home Charger

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Product Abstract:

5 Port 8A USB Smart Home Charger

Product Description

5 Port 8A USB Smart Home Charger

High quality & professional on USB Smart Charger

Intelligent quick charge,intelligent converter, intelligent protection


1. Intelligent converter

Overturn traditional single current charging mode, intelligent adjusting current rapid,

independent match your digital device.

2. Intelligent compatible

Widely compatible with global 99% digital devices, easy life

3. Smart quick charge

Quick charge, special circumstances don't have to worry about mobile phone without electricity

4. intelligence protection

The PTC thermal over-current protection technology innovation, put an end to charging security hidden danger

5. Product features

Appearance focus: shell adopts the high temperature resistant fireproof material,

do manual work is delicate, surface polishing treatment, contracted and fashionable and beautiful

Convenient charging:

1.6 m long power cord(with UK,or US, or EU cable), whether that occupy the home, office, travel convenient mobile free charge.


7. layer security charging protection mechanism

Super against over current, over voltage, short circuit, over charge, leakage, overheat, over power protection, innovation of the PTC thermal over-current protection technique, safe.

(Over-current protection)(Over heating protection (Short circuit protection) (Over voltage protection)(Over-current protection)

 8. Smart Charging,faster ,Safer

Smart fast charging technology

Charging speed is the basis of the excellent user experience

Smart charging converter technology, can easily identify the equipment model,

automatic matching the best current, charging speed best effect.

 9. 30% faster charging than other brands of smart charger

 10.safe power supply

Built-in over-voltage, over current leakage and short circuit protection module, in accordance with the CE, FCC, RohS, certification, effectively ensure the safety of equipment

 11.Intelligent compatible

Super strong compatibility, support all USB charging interface of smart phones and tablets

 12.security and stability, apply to iPod, iPhone, iPod, samsung Galaxy Tab.

Nokia Windows smartphone, bluetooth speakers, GPS, camera and so on all use the USB charging line charging products.


Compatible equipment rally

Samsung phone

Nokia Windows Phone

Mini phone






3G phone




 Using Scene

 Travel: the beauty of the scenery, poor power of your digital equipment, affect your mood,have you meet that?


game espcially: natural particularly sensitive to digital products, can you miss this best partner?


Business travel: travel luggage can't be without it .Carry UPS -008 "charging" make life more wonderful......


Curtilage male curtilage female: play games, surf the Internet, read news, listen to music,it is good to the actual outside, the small world of a person also wonderful!



1.Apply socket

Plug for industrial standard of super thick copper wire, good conductive, and produce less heat, security shall apply.

2.name: USB home charger

3.material: high temperature resistant fireproof ABS engineering materials

4.Rated voltage: enter the required voltage 100 V to 240 V, output: 5V 8.0A

5.Applicable equipment: smart phones, tablets, bluetooth speakers, mobile power supply MP3, MP4 and other USB 5 v output digital products equipment.

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