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ap wireless Super Mini 3G Router

  • Wireless Access Point Repeater with USB Charging port
  • ap wireless Super Mini 3G Router
  • Wireless 802.11N 300M Router (2T2R)
  • Wireless 802.11N 150M Router (1T1R)
  • Wireles N 150M Router
  • Wireless 150M Repeater/AP
  • 150M Wireless Outdoor CPE/AP
  • 4 Port  Wireless  Router 300M
  • 150Mbps Wireless OpenWrt  Router
  • 5GHz High Power Wireless N Outdoor AP/CPE
  • Indoor High Power Ceiling AP/Router
  • Wireless Repeater 300Mbps
  • 750M 5G&2.4G Dual Band Wireless Router
  • 1200M Dual Band AC Gigabit Smart Router
  • 802.11AC Dual Ethernet Wireless Repeater 733Mbps
  • 11AC 1200M Highpower Wireless AP
  • 11AC 1300M Highpower Ceiling AP
  • 5 Port 1000Mbps Wireless AP Manager
  • Hanging Card Wireless Router with USB Port
  • 1200M 11AC Highpower SPF Wireless Router
  • 2.4G 150M WIFI Smart Socket
  • 300Mbps High Power Metalclad PoE Wireless Router
  • USB Wireless Range Extender with External Antenna
  • Wireless Range Extender

Product Abstract:

Innovative hotspot , Wireless AP 3 in 1.3G

Product Description


1. Compatible with HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+/4G LTE,CDMA EVDO Rev O/A/B, including more than 500 kinds of popular USB 3G modems 
    all over the world,  dial automatically without any manual setting.
2. Support Multimedia and file sharing function, DLNA device, play the video, audio, files automatically.
3. Support ADSL, DHCP access automatically recognize.
Compatible with IEEE.802b/g/n standards and data spread rate up to 150Mbps.
Compatible with all the operating system such as Mac/iOS/windows/Linux/Android.
1: Wi-Fi     
Frequency Band : 2412 – 2483MHz
Protocol : IEEE802.11b/g/n up to 150Mbps
WPS: Support
User amount : max to 20 Wi-Fi users
2: Gateway
TCP, IP, UDP, DHCP Server, Nat, NAPT, UpnP, Static Routing, MAC, UPL, IP Filter, VPN Pass Through
3: Environment 
Operation Temperature : -10 -- 55℃
Operation Humidity : 10% -- 80%
Storage Temperature : -20 – 60℃
Storage Humidity : 5% -- 90%
Status Jndicator
Internet Connection              Status Descriptions
                                       No Connection Red solid Device is turning on, Program is starting 
Blue flashing (3s/time) Program is start
Blue flashing (1s/time) Reset
                                                                                          Connect usb modem Red solid Uncompatible
Red flashing (3s/time) Compatible
Blue flashing (1s/time) dialing
Purple flashing (1s/time) Registered on 2G network
Purple solid  2G network dial successfully
Blue flashing (3s/time) Registered on 3G network
Blue solid 3G/4G network dial successfully
Connect internet cable (WIFI ON) Purple flashing (3s/time) No dial
Purple solid ADSL/DHCP dial successfully
Connect internet cable (WIFI OFF) Red flashing (3s/time) No dial
Red solid ADSL/DHCP dial successfully



Packing List: 1*  Router
            1* Micro usb cable
            1* Instruction book
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