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FAQ about the Magnetic Wireless car charger
2016-07-18 14:14:48

FAQ about the Magnetic Wireless car charger

In our industry, Magnetic-vehicle wireless charger to achieve high efficiency but not over hot is always a problem to the manufacturers, but our sinobery’s Magnetic wireless charger has overcome a number of problems include this one.The feature have been reflected perfectly.

Customers is oftenly asking the following questions which now are listed below:

1, Q: Is the Magnetic wireless charger silica gel adsorption?
A: Not at all. We use the Magnetic transmitter sucker other than silicone surface,it is permanent strong magnet adsorption. Most Magnet wireless charger in the market said it is magnet, the surface of the transmitter is still silica gel,it is not a real magnet type, form only.

2, Q: how absorbed?
A: see below diagram

3, Q: What is the difference between Magentic and silica gel adsorption?
A: silica gel adsorption is without a magnet, transmitter using silica gel adsorption surface is very easy to absorb dust, absorbing and releasing dozens of mobile phones there is no suction, and a higher temperature, silicone will be blistering, mobile phones are more likely to crash. We use permanent strong magnet, a decade or two, there will be a magnetic force, has a strong adsorption.

4, Q: Where is your advantage?
A: The first is the performance advantage. Our vehicle Magnetic wireless charger can never get over hot, and support fast charging, and the charging time is twice as fast as similar ones.

5, Q: Why There are so inexpensive wireless charger?
A: Not a stent plus jacks, get hold of a transmitter and a receiver, called wireless charger. How about Performance? Experience feeling? Charging time? Get over Hot? You can charge the mobile phone even it is on navigation mode? That kind of wireless charger is sure not the one you want.

6, Q: What is the chipset of the Magnetic wireless charger? What standard?
A: TI chipset, QI standard.

7, Q: What mobile phones can be used with the Magnetic wireless charger?
A: fully compatible with Apple and Android phones.

8, Q: Is your magnetic wireless charger get hot?
A: We have tackled the problem of wireless charging heat obstruction,it won’t get over heated even after a long charge,and the current can reach to 3A-4A.

9, Q: What is the charging time?
A: The charging time is related to the adapter. If the current is 2.1A car charger is certainly faster than 1.0A of car charger. Under the same conditions, our wireless products is charging almost twice as fast than the normal wirless chargers in the market.

10, Q: Does it have Certificate?

A: We have passed CE, FCC, RoHS quality certification test.

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