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What’s a WiFi Repeater?
2012-03-02 21:44:56

What’s a WiFi Repeater?

If a user needs to increase the strength or range of their wireless network, a Wifi repeater could be the simplest and most cost effective solution. Wifi repeaters are ideal for users that are having Wifi connectivity problems due to being in a building that has brick walls, has multiple floors that are built out of concrete, or by being at site that is bigger in area than the 1,000 foot square foot range of a typical wireless router.

When a Wifi repeater is installed, it “listens” for any Wifi broadcasts from existing Wifi routers or wireless network devices such as laptops and tablets. Any signal that is picked up by the repeater is then rebroadcast. In order to install a repeater, it simply needs to be to plugged into a power outlet. It can then be logged into by a computer on the network so that any login information and passwords that are required by the existing Wifi network can be set up on the repeater. This essentially creates a wireless network that is a duplicate of the one being broadcast by the original router.

To maximize the range of the repeater, it should be placed at the limit of broadcast range of the original router while still maintaining a quality connection. This will effectively double the effective range of the wireless network. Since users are connecting either to the original router or the repeater, computers will have to disconnect from one and reconnect to the other if they move back and forth between the broadcast range of each device. Wifi repeaters do not have to match the particular brand of the original router, and can be configured to work with many types of network addressing, security and sub-netting setups.

Now you can extend the range of your wireless network using the Sinobery Wireless-N-Smart Repeater and Range Extender SY203K. This amazing product works by extending the range of your wireless network service by repeating the signal existing in your home or office. The Sinobery Wireless-N-Smart Repeater and Range Extender is perfect for WiFi networks with heavy traffic in both home and office settings.

The SY203K is perfect for extending network coverage for computers, Blue-Ray players, televisions and game consoles. This product works with most types of 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n wireless routers and has built-in security options to allow you to control access to specific users.

The Sinobery Wireless-N-Smart Repeater and Range Extender SY203K is universally compatible will all brands of wireless routers and WiFi networks. Installation is a snap with the Smart Set-Up Wizard. Simply connect your computer to the repeater and acess the Smart Set-Up Wizard. Begin scanning for all WiFi networks available in your area and connect to those of your choice.

Customer reviews state that the SY203K eliminates dead spots and extends their WiFi range far beyond those of other competing brands. Most customers loved the quick set up and their WiFi systems were ready to use in less than 5 minutes. The few consumers that had trouble setting their SY203K up, were delighted with the helpful customer service they received.

So if you are in the market for a reliable product that works well and extends your WiFi network up to 3x your original wireless coverage Wireless-N-Smart Repeater And Range Extender SY203K may be just what you are looking for. Everyone in your home or office will be delighted with the additional range of your wireless service.

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