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USB Keystroke Pranker

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Product Abstract:

Will make end users believe their PC is possessed by malevolent spirits

Product Description

USB Keystroke Pranker

Will make end users believe their PC is possessed by malevolent spirits

Unleash moments of confusion and panic on unsuspecting victims with what appears to be a USB drive. Simply plug it into their computer and it will either randomly type sentences, engage capslock or move the mouse on their PC. Little switches allow you to control the prank option and a dial will adjust the time delay. It's advisable to keep the frequency low to avoid suspicion. Perfect for pranking your co-worker, friend or family member. 

Note: The Keystroker will NOT take actions such as00111001000 - oh, very funny guys - As I was saying, it will not take actions such as clicking the mouse button, and it cannot trigger the return, backspace, or delete key. We're here to prank, not to run up someone's credit card bill, submit any forms, or wipe out their hard work. 

• Capslock will turn on and off
• Randomly move their mouse
• Type random sentences such as “I am watching you, your password has been changed and your previous internet history has been uploaded to Facebook.” 
• Use each prank option by itself or a mixture of all three
• Time delay to adjust frequency from 5 seconds to 15 minutes 
• Dimensions: 34(L) x 17(H) x 7(D)m

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